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Colleen & Jim Laye

As the owners of Laye D Luck, we take great pride in our reputation. We’re not interested in being the biggest; we just want to be “home” for you and your equine friend. We are constantly upgrading our facility to ensure the safety and well-being of our clientele. Colleen grew up on the property and, together with Jim, they purchased it in 1988. As our daughters’ passion for jumping grew, the trailering increased. Soon we were spending more time driving than training! A barn addition was under-taken in 2000, the arena followed in ’02 and our first client arrived! Thus the humble beginnings of LDL. New paddocks followed in ’04 and ‘08 with auto-waterers installed shortly thereafter. Wash rack was added in ’10 and a viewing lounge in ’11. New fencing for our summer paddocks is slated for spring 2012.


We have always been firm believers in quality care. Colleen has almost 40 years experience with horses and is constantly upgrading her knowledge on the latest in equine care and nutrition. Even though Jim’s horse interests are more of the mechanical sort, he takes an active interest in all aspects of the business.  We believe in caring for the horse as naturally as possible. Our paddocks are spacious and horses have access to grass in the summer.  Feedings are kept as close to “grazing rituals” as possible with feedings offered either free choice or several times per day.


 We also encourage everyone to keep things interesting for their equine friends by participating in various riding styles as well as going on trail rides.  Even though our main discipline is Hunter/Jumper, we encourage all riding styles from Dressage to Western Pleasure.  We’ve offered Horsemanship clinics and equitation clinics. It doesn’t matter what discipline you choose, as long as you and your horse enjoy one another. 


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