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Jennifer Laye

I began taking lessons at the age of 7 and have been hooked ever since. When I was 8, Igot my first pony and spent 4 years as a member of the Delacour Pony Club learning thebasics of horsemanship, dressage, show jumping, and cross country. It was during my time at Pony Club that I realized my love for jumping and turned my sights to the show jumping ring. After competing in the hunter ring at local area shows, it was the jumper ring that really held my passion. I was very fortunate to find a very quick mount named Polar Flightwho helped forge my competitive career in the jumper ring.


I’ve shown at many venues, including Anderson Ranch, Spruce Meadows and ThunderbirdShow Park in BC. I’ve been fortunate to have had the opportunity to train with some exceptional coaches who’ve pushed and guided me along the way.


I’ve always ridden and competed and am now sharing my experience with my students. My goal is to give each and every client the ability to achieve their goals, whatever they might be. I feel there is nothing more rewarding than watching a rider/horse partnership grasp a concept and expand on it. I see every client, whether human or horse, as an individual. Lesson programs are designed to fit the needs of each individual, competitive or not, to ensure they can achieve their goals in a safe and fun learning environment.


I also work with horses to ensure they have the fundamentals both on the ground and while mounted. My training methods are patient and repetitive with immediate rewards. I have worked with experienced horses that simply need a “refresher” course, to young horses that have nothing more than the basics. By designing a program that best suits the needs of both horse and rider I can help them be successful in achieving their goals.

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